NOTICE: Our phones are sometimes being affected by the nationwide outage of Phone Carriers - please email us at for assistance

SMS Action Required!

If you want to continue using sms with DisputeFox
Below are the instructions to get started
Why is this happening?
Phone carriers are clamping down on people using sms for spamming, which ruins it for the rest of us that use it to communicate with our leads and clients.

They have imposed new rules, which will now requires each business to have their own registered number if they are using SMS.

Since the beginning we have provided an SMS number for all of you, but this will no longer work with the new requirements.

Having your own number has its own benefits, including better delivery rates.
What you need to do..
Follow the guide below to get your own Twilio number, and then send us the information we need to do the full integration for you.

Once the integration is complete, you will no longer be charged by us for SMS, it will be between you and Twilio.

‍The guide below will walk you through signing up


There is not much you have to do, we are just being very detailed so its easy to follow
Create a Twilio Account and Number
This number will ONLY be used for SMS inside DisputeFox.

Your normal business phones and any other Twilio numbers you may already have in use, will stay the same as they are now, and this new number will not be used for anything other than DisputeFox SMS.

Additionally, you will no longer have to pay us for sms usage, its between you and Twilio now.
When you first signup, Twilio will give you a default TOLL FREE number which will NOT WORK for SMS.

You want a LOCAL area code, so click "Buy a Number" from the left menu.

(Under Manage Numbers / Manage / Buy a Number)

Once you have found the number you want, you can then proceed with the steps below.
Click Here to Signup
Configure Number
Click Image to Enlarge
Once you have your number, click on "Phone Numbers" then "Manage" then "Active Numbers" in the left navigation
Then just click on your new phone number to get to the configuration page
Messaging Config
Click Image to Enlarge
Scroll down on the "Configure" page to the section called "Message Configuration"
Ignore the "Voice Configuration" section
Change the long dropdown called "Configure With" to this option (if not already selected)...
"Webhook, TwiML Bin, Function, Studio Flow, Proxy Service"
Enter our URL
Click Image to Enlarge
On that same row (highlighted above) you will need to add a website link in the "URL" box shown above
Copy and paste this purple link below into the Twilio "URL" box shown above...
You can ignore the next row (Primary Handler failes)
Locate your account ID and number
On the homepage of your Twilio account, near the bottom you will see a section called "Account Info".

There you will see 3 items that we need to integrate your new number to your DisputeFox account.
You MUST UPGRADE your Twilio account from Trial to LIVE before sending us your info.
(CANNOT still be in the "Trial Account" status)
Copy each item shown in the screenshot below and paste them into the Twilio form inside your DisputeFox Account (follow the instructions on Final Step to the right here)
Click Image to Enlarge
When all of this is complete, login to your DisputeFox account, and go to...
Email / SMS / Zapier
SMS Configuration
"Add New Twilio Config"
Once there, copy and paste the 2 ID Numbers and your new Twilio phone number in to the form, and submit.

We will take care if it from there!
Login to DisputeFox Here


If it works right away, then great, but you might get flagged to complete their "A2P" registration. If that happens, just let us know and we can provide some information on the process.