***HURRICANE ALERT*** - Our offices will be closed Tues afternoon through at least Friday due to being in the direct path of Hurricane Ian here in Tampa, FL. Our support team will still be actively responding, so if you need assistance, please submit a ticket from inside the platform. The software will be un-affected by this, as our secure servers are on AWS in other states. Once the storm has passed and we are back online, this message will be removed.
**NEW Double-Sided Print & Mail Option is LIVE to Save you $$$

Print & Mail Fulfillment Service

Built-In Tools to make your business more efficient
SMS, Voice & Faxing
Only pay for what you use, nothing else!

SMS Messages

Use SMS messages as part of automated drip-campaigns, and automated communication with your client for on-boarding and regular updates.
Price per
SMS Message
c /ea
eg: 1000 sms messages costs just $15

Call Connect

Phase 1 of our phone dialer will automatically connect your business phone with your customers phone using the system phone number.
Price per
Call Minute
c /min
eg: 1000 call mins costs just $15

Fax Letters

Want to fax letters directly to the Bureaus, Creditors or Furnishers? Well now you can! Send faxes with one-click when at the pending print page.
Price per
Faxed Page
c /per page
eg: 100 faxed pages costs just $5
*Prices subject to change

Credit System & Tracking

Keeping an eye on your budget and use
credit repair leads
Credits Management
Only pay for what you use
Detailed Tracking for All Items
Reports by Item and Date
Set Permissions for Users to Purchase
Re-Load Credits Account at Any Time
1 Credit = $1 for Easy Comparison
Automated "Credits Low" Emails & Alerts
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