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Moving to DisputeFox

Making Migration a Painless Process
Migrating Your Clients to DisputeFox
We have an entire system designed around assisting you with migration
Migration Highlights
Moving is easier than you think
Once you have upgraded to our paid version...
Send us a spreadsheet with all your client data
Our team will do the import and disable automations
Step by Step Guide on how to get everyone moving
Special onboarding designed just for migrating clients
You can customize the messaging as needed
A way to drop them into the correct / current round
*NEW* Import the entire history of scores & progress!
30 Day FREE TrialPricing & Options
Complete Assistance from our Team
Nothing for you to "figure out" as we have done this a thousand times and know how to help
Minimal Client Disruption
We have designed the process to be as easy to get moving with their new client portal access
Step by Step Guide Provided
Once complete, we will show you exactly what to do to get each client re-onboarded and moving
** New Migration Feature **
This is HUGE!
Import Entire History of Scores & Progress
No software out there is able to get the history of reports when you move to another system... but WE CAN
History of All Score Changes
Instead of manually going in and adding each score and date it happened, we can do this automatically for as long as they have had that same credit monitoring account.

They will be saved to both the Overview Tab chart tracker, and also on the "Scores" tab, and of course inside the Client Portal for them to see.
History of All Progress Reports
We have monthly progress reports that get created when you do a reimport when a new report is available.

This you would share with your client by SMS or email as you go.

NOW we are able to automatically build Every Month's progress report before you were even with us, for as long as they have had their credit monitoring account.
How it Works
After we have imported all your clients, you will be able to go the Actions Tab for each client, and at the very bottom you will see an option to get the "Historical Reports".

This process can take several minutes to complete once initialized, but you can still continue to work on the client, or come back later when its complete.

Once done, the Overview page will be updated with all the score changes so far, and on the "Documents" tab, you will find the Progress Reports for all those months ready.
Things You Should Know Before Migrating
To ensure a smooth transition for both you and your clients
Getting your client data
It can seem daunting thinking about all the things you might need to do to make this happen, but its easier than you think.

Most softwares allow you to export your client data to a spreadsheet and will have mostly contact information, status, maybe notes etc..

We can import anything they allow you to export.
Credit Monitoring Logins
One thing to pay attention to, is the login and password for each client's Credit Monitoring account, as most do not export this information, so just keep a separate file with all that info saved, and you can add it back in on each clients file after we complete the main import.
ID & Other Documents
Documents can be uploaded on the clients file after the import of data is complete.

Some choose not to bring over any ID or docs, but its up to you and you can upload any on the client record on the "Documents" tab.
Payment Card Details
Credit card details will always be encrypted in any system, so you will need to get the client's payment information again if you want to use our built-in automated billing system, but you can do this as part of the onboarding campaign.

You can also turn ON the credit card input option for the Client Portal under Settings / Portal Settings, then click the orange "Required Steps" section and activate the card option so they can enter it once you onboard them to the new portal.
Onboarding them in DisputeFox
Once your client list has been imported, our team will share with you a step by step guide on exactly what to do to get everyone moving in DisputeFox.

This will include launching a special onboarding campaign that provides your client details on why the change is happening, their new logins, instructions, and any other information you want to add to the default pre-designed email and SMS.

You could, for example, include a section telling them to signup for a new / different credit monitoring account, or tell them to add their card on file inside their new portal again "for security..." if you need to.
What about what "Round" they are in?
You will be pleased to know, that once you do the first import and build / send your letters in our system, you will be able to "drop" them into the correct next round, even though you are doing the first round with us.

That way the automations / messaging will stay on point, even though they are considered "new" in our system.
New Client Portal URL
With your new DisputeFox account, you will of course have a new place for your clients to login.

This you can find in your system under "Settings" - you will see the new URL on the top right of all pages in the Settings area in purple, which you will want to add to your website for "Client Login".

The new portal URL is automatically added to every email that client's get throughout the whole time they are with you.
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